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Opinion: Nintendo had great games to show at E3 this year

Well guys E3 is officially over this year and yeah in my opinion it wasn’t the best, but Nintendo had some greats games to show this time around and some other announcements as well. So I wanted to share with you some games I’m excited to play from Nintendo and hopefully they won’t be delay because that would really suck. Lets get started with the list right now 🙂 Oh, I almost forgot if you want to see my opinion on Take Two Interactive E3 then go here!…orst-of-all-time/

5. WarioWare: Get it Together

Now I haven’t played WarioWare since like the one on the DS I think it was called WarioWare Touched, but this looks interesting. While there’s is not much about it, the trailer makes it seems like it will be similar to the previous entries, the cast of characters have certain abilities that you the player can use to complete the minigames. Also, it seems like it co-op so you can play with a friend and do the minigames together hence the title of the game. It comes out on September 10 of this year so maybe will get more information and trailers about it later.

4. Smash Ultimate Kazuya Reveal

Not a character I was expecting to see in Smash Ultimate, but it does make sense in a way due to Tekken being a fighting game that sold a lot of copies upon and was a very popular arcade game as well. The trailer is funny as it show Kazuya throwing a lot of Smash characters off the cliff, which is a callback to the original Tekken game. The character is not fully finish yet, but Sakurai promise to reveal more about the character moveset on June 28 so that will be interesting. I feel like his moveset is going to be similar Ryu and Ken where you have to hit the right buttons to perform a move. Hopefully I can get him to Élite Smash!

3. Shin Megami Tensei V

Now this game I’m really excited to see! Main character design is a nice callback to Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne and the gameplay looks pretty solid. It almost like a mix of Shin Megami Tensei III and IV.  Being sucked in where your in an alternate Tokyo that is lay to ruins by demons the main character must fight his way through to overthrow possibly a god. We didn’t hear much about the game before the trailer except for some teaser trailer and minor information so it’s nice see this at this year E3 and the fact that it’s being release November 12(November 11 in Japan) of this year is a huge plus for me to get excited.

2. Metroid 5: Dread

A Metroid 5 game in this day and age is still bizarre to me. The last major 2D Metroid game that was not a remake was Metroid Fusion and that was almost 20 years ago so this new entry was quite a surprise. The original concept of the game was suppose to be release in 2005 on the DS, but due to technical limitation it was cancelled until now. That being said the game looks fantastic as it incorporated stealth combat and new gear for Samus to acquired. Melee combat is similar to that of the Samus Returns Remake in 2017 where the player can hit certain buttons to sway off emeries. Also, it very interesting how the story arc of the game will be the conclusion of the Metroid timeline as well. The game is set to be release on October 8 of this year. Really looking forward to it! Hopefully will get more news on Metroid Prime 4 on a later date as well.

1. Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2

After that teaser trailer we saw in 2019 and with no new information in 2020, we were begging to see more of Breath of the Wild 2. What we saw was just that at Nintendo’s E3 however, it not quite yet done. It looks amazing and the fact that Link travels through the sky again is very similar to that of Skyward Sword. Also, what happened Zelda? Look like she fell into darkness, which is not good news for Link at all. That being said the landscapes look beautiful and Link’s arm looks like it’s going to have maybe some cool new abilities as well. Hopefully there be interesting dungeons that Link will go through or new bad guys, but from I seen in the trailer, it seems like it still too early to tell. The game comes out next year in 2022 with no official release date. Please don’t be delay 🙁

AND those are the games I’m excited for from Nintendo. Though it wasn’t the best E3 Nintendo did, it still was solid and compare to the other E3 press conferences, this one was like the holy grail. But what do you guys think? Did you like Nintendo’s E3? Did you hate it? What games are you excited for. Leave your opinions and thoughts down in the comment section and I will see you next time 🙂




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