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Opinion: Xenoblade Chronicles 1 is one the greatest games of all time


This is going be super short article, but recently I have been playing a lot of Xenoblade and I thought why not talk about on here for my personal blog. Just so you know, I love this series and I think the games are fantastic to play. Monolith Soft made a remaster version of the first Xenoblade game last year on the Switch and my god I must have been 250+ hours doing the main quest, side quest, leveling up, developing towns and more. What make Xenoblade so great is that the worlds that you travel to looks do stunning and different from the next. Either you’re traveling from all parts of the Bionis for the first time or going through the Mechonis to fight the machines with the Monado. The story is fantastic as well with the cast of characters Shulk, Reyn, Fiora, Dunban, Riki, Sharla and Melia joining in on the adventure as well.


My only grip with the game is that the mechanics are not as fluid as say Xenoblade 2 in my opinion due to it being basic. The combat mostly revolves around the Monado allowing Shulk to use his vision to predict the outcome of the battle. The player can choose to change the situation of the battle using the Monado or talking to your team members to let them know what will happen. When the party gauge is full you can do a chain attack, which allows you rake up a lot of damage if you do the break and topple successfully. Now this sound simple and easy to follow, but I feel it gets player repetitive after awhile and that Xenoblade 2 gameplay adds a different amount of elements to it to make it more unique. That being said, it doesn’t ruin the experience to the player playing the game as the soundtrack is quite good and the world are breathtaking to see. I could listen to “You Will Know Our Names” “Mechanical Rhythm” “Engage the Enemy” and much more for hours. Here is a look at the Original and the definitive edition soundtrack! Which one do you prefer?

The side quest can be bit annoying at times do to them not adding much to the plot or some cases not adding much of an upgrade to the gameplay experience. Although they do help when you want to the develop a town, sometimes it just feel like a chore to do, which in part may feel underwhelming to the player. Not saying that all side quests are bad as some do help you get better armor and weapons, but some just don’t do that at all. But with some flaws and lots of major pros this game was a refreshing new experience on the Wii and now with the definitive edition out on the Switch, it now made even better because the extra content they added called Future Connect and the fact that they fixed some side quest issues as well.  If you’re new to the series, make sure to play this game as I highly recommend it and tell me about your experiences in the comment section 🙂


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