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The Phantom Thieves are back in style

The Phantom Thieves are back in an all new game called Persona 5 Strikers, which is a sequel to Persona 5. If you have not played the  original Persona 5 game the I strongly advise that you do since it mentions many events that happened in that game. Now! Let’s see what my thoughts are about the game.


Ann fighting Shadows in Persona 5 Strikers

Like all games I mainly focus on the gameplay. If the gameplay not good then I simply won’t like it period. Persona 5 Striker’s gameplay is a hack ‘n’ slash game that quite similar in style of the Dynasty Warriors games. However, it still uses the elements of using personas to find shadows weaknesses. Also, this game is definitely not a button mashing game with no skill involve. Maybe if you were playing on easy or standard that maybe true, but many shadows have different movements and patterns that require the player to analyze in order to win. Try playing on Merciless to see what I’m talking about…..Brutal.

Sophie performing her Showtime on a shadow

Each character in Strikers have a unique ability called a showtime(though Futaba doesn’t have one because she’s the navi) which only appears if the showtime gauge is full. This special move is very useful against a horde of shadows or even a boss considering the fact that it’ll temporarily stun the shadows giving the player free hits. Did you know that after a player uses a showtime, the picture for the character stats changes in the menu? That’s pretty cool! Overall I feel like the gameplay was very fun and it didn’t stray away from the elements of the persona series.


If there’s one thing the persona series does right it is the music and this game does not disappoint. The Cites themes in particular was the highlight for me as they all sounded so good. However, favorite would have to be the Sapporo’s theme as it just sounds so nice. Other songs that are “Axe to Grind” “You Are Stronger” “Daredevil” “What You Wish For” and much more. There’s not much say, Lyn and the Atlus Sound Team did a great job again. Listen to the soundtrack here and have a blast!

Persona 5 Strikers Soundtrack


The Phantom Thieves are getting ready for their road trip across Japan

I’ll try not to spoil too much, but I thought the story was decent. The phantom thieves are reunited again for summer break to hangout until weird events start to occur where people’s desire are being stolen. Along the way the Sophia and Zenkichi to help stop the chaos happening around Japan. Fairly sild story for a sequel however, I felt like towards the end of the game it felt like I was playing the original Persona 5 again as it started getting similar. Also, some of the jails felt kind of short and linear, which took about 20 minutes to defeat. Nonetheless, the request and some of the other jails make up for that by giving the player a lot to do along the way. Alice in Wonderland jail in particular was great and by far my favorite area in the game.

Should you play this?

This game is a worthy sequel to Persona 5 and does a lot of things right. If you’re a Persona 5 fan like me that played the original Persona 5 game then definitely give it a shot. If you’re beginning the Persona 5  universe I would suggest playing the original Persona 5 first then play this game. But for my overall experience I thought this was a great great game I had tons of fun with. This game deserve a heart of approval from me. Also, maybe they’ll add a Kasumi DLC in the future with a new story?? Only time will tell


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