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The Best and Worst Memories Of E3

With streaming constantly on the rise, the gaming industry doesn’t really do special events anymore to showcase their new consoles or games. They’re very few special events like the Gaming Awards that do showcases and voting, but there was one special event that was a very big deal every summer in June for every gamer where all the gaming industry get together to show off their games for the year.

E3 was an event that was a big deal for gamers because it showcases new games, new consoles and more that gamers can play before it gets release to the public. In this article, we will talk about the best and worst moments. So let’s begin!!

PlayStation E3 1995 (Best Moments)

The first E3 was practically 30th years ago yet it this clip that had one of the best moments in history. In this clip, it shows PlayStation holding their first ever conference at E3 and Sega announced that their console will be price at $399, a Sony spokesmen literally walked to the stage to say that the PlayStation 1 will be price at $299 and walked off the stage with the crowd cheering in the background. This iconic moment launch the most successful console franchise of all time and people are still playing it sequels today. Sadly for Sega, it would be one of their downfalls and why they couldn’t survive the console race in the near future.


Wii U Announcement E3 2011 (Worst Moments) 

The Wii U is probably one of Nintendo’s most underrated console and it not too hard to see why. At E3 2011, Nintendo announced a successor to the Wii as the Wii was approaching the end of it’s life cycle. Many people were wondering what this new Nintendo console could be as PlayStation and Xbox at the time were already getting ready to release their new consoles for the eighth generation of video games. When this was announced, everyone got confused with the name thinking that is this an add on to the Wii or a new console? The name through people off entirely, giving the Wii U a bad launch altogether. With this trailer would you think this is a new console?


Xbox’s First E3 2001 (Best Moments)

Words cannot describe how awesome this was back in 2001. Microsoft wanted to get into the console race with style so what better way to have the Rock and Bill Gates introduce this new console to the world. The Xbox truly marked the start of a new era in gaming that is currently going on today with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo being in the console race. Just watch and tell me if this video convinced you to get a Xbox or not.


Konami Conference E3 2010 (Worst Moments)

Oh boy, this presentation was something…. To be honest with you, I don’t even know what even happening in this entire video. Konami conference in 2010 was very awkward and surreal that many people till this day will say that this is one of the worst E3 conference ever. The games they announced were very forgetful and the audience were not even cheering or even having a good time for that matter. Try watching this conference in it’s entirety if you can. Not an easy watch…


Nintendo Announced The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess E3 2004 (Best Moments)

In 2003 The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker came to the Nintendo GameCube. At the time, Nintendo fan hated the game saying that Nintendo was creating games for babies and that they water down The Legend of Zelda series. Nintendo decided to introduce a Legend of Zelda game fans would like and that game would be Twilight Princess. During it’s announcement at E3, the crowd was going wild having the biggest cheers in E3 history and not only that we have Shigeru Miyamoto holding the Master sword and the Hylian Shield making this E3 absolutely legendary.


Sony PlayStation 3 Announcement E3 2006 (Worst Moments)

Now by 2006 Sony already had two successful PlayStation consoles, the PlayStation 1 and 2. The PlayStation 3 is an amazing console that had many great games on it, but when it was introduced in 2006, it was not met with a lot praise due to how it was introduced. Firstly, the console was price at $599, which at the time was a lot compare to other consoles in the market. They didn’t really showcase many games either for it, which wouldn’t make people buy the console instantly. Not only that, many of the early PlayStation 3 models had the yellow light of death where the console would just overheat and won’t start again similar to what the Xbox 360 had with the red light of death. With this many problems with the PlayStation 3, this made it E3 debut very lackluster.


Sony PlayStation 4 Conference E3 2013 (Best Moments)

Now Sony may have messed up in 2006 with the PlayStation 3, but with the PlayStation 4 they learned their lesson. Xbox made a huge mistake in 2013 with the Xbox One by saying that it won’t support used games. Not only that, the price of the Xbox One was higher than that of the PlayStation 4. Sony literally went back to their roots and announced that the PlayStation 4 would be price lower than that of the Xbox One and that it would support sharing used games.


Anddddd there you have it!!! What are you guys best E3 moments? Let’s me know and don’t forget to read my other articles. Will see you soon!!!



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