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Was Take Two Interactive E3 Conference the Worst of All Time??

Okay…..So where do I even begin. This year E3 has been an interesting one due to last year being cancelled because of Covid 19. Many of the conferences that the gaming companies had were much shorter than usual and didn’t really show much games. Well you did had Nintendo and Xbox/Bethesda who did show some stellar games to come out in the near future, but if one company stick out like a sore thumb it would be Take Two Interactive. This could possibly be the worst press conference in the history of E3 and throughout the years there has been bad E3 press conferences, but they show things that people were expecting to see when you go to E3, which is GAMES! Take Two Interactive decided to not show games in their press conference due to them not having anything to show for their event. So they decided to have a workshop like press conference where they do talk about important topic that are a major issue not just in the gaming industry, but in entertainment as well.

Issues about equity for women and African American has been a major issue for a long time and although it’s interesting that they bring it up in the workshop, it was not really the right time to discuss it at E3. Or even if they did, maybe they could have showed the games they have been working on in the industry so that at least the people around the world would know what you have worked on. The problem with Take Two Interactive E3 is that it doesn’t have anything that remotely interesting to remember it by. When I watch it, I don’t seems to recall there names, memorable lines that could be a meme or if not at all. It feels like one of those school meetings that you go to only to get really bored and possibly might fall asleep to. It’s that bad….. But like I said what they were discussing wasn’t a bad thing, but it just wasn’t handled right.

Also, they had a Q&A towards the end, but instead of asking people in the comments questions, they ask themselves questions that they already had pre made… Now this was a big miss opportunity as well. They could have asked people online what they are working on in the gaming industry, what games do they have to offer that would get people interested to buy your product. Questions like that could be great feedback for not only the people at the workshop, but for Take Two Interactive as well. That way they can plan better for the next E3 that they might showcase in. The biggest disappointment from this E3 is that would didn’t see any heavy hitter games like GTA VI. There was noting noteworthy to talk about or discuss in this conference. In my opinion, if they had noting to show, maybe don’t show up to E3 until there’s something ready. Or maybe if they were to have a workshop, maybe put on there website or E3 website and say that “We’re going to have a workshop for this years E3 if you’re interested please come join us at this time” something like that. I feel like it was poorly plan and advertised that it made people feel misguided.

Sorry for my small rant….But yeah I believe that Take Two Interactive was the worst E3 conference in history!!! Here’s the conference if you can survive one minute of it….

And like always feel free to discuss your thoughts on Take Two Interactive E3 press conference. Did you like it? Did you hate it? Did it ruin your life? Looking forward to seeing your answers in the comment section down below 🙂 Next article will be more positive I promise!


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