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What to expect from the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2

With E3 just around the corner, many people are waiting for the highly anticipated Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2. The teaser was shown in 2019 and little news has come out ever since then. Recently, they announced a rerelease of Skyward Sword on the Switch due to it tenth anniversary, but I am more interested to see what this sequel of Breath of the Wild has to offer. Now don’t get me wrong, the original Breath of the Wild is a masterpiece in it own right and change the series into a new direction, but I felt like there was something missing from the game that should have been there. Also, some gameplay in the game can be down right annoying at times. So I am going to break down what I want to expect to see in Breath of the Wild 2 that could make it just as good or if not better than the original game.

More Creative Dungeons

Link getting ready to enter a mini dungeon

I feel like this is what Breath of the Wild lacked the most as a lot of the dungeons felt pretty dull and unmemorable. Many of the dungeons were just mini dungeons that focus on using the Sheikah Slate for you to pass, but fail on giving a memorable expression. The only time it felt like a dungeon was when Link enter the four divine beasts however, the problem with those dungeons is that they all looked the same and had no unique quality to them that makes it stand out. With Breath of the Wild 2, I expect to see more emphasis on the dungeons and making them have unique puzzles like games like Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. And since they’re rumor of Breath of the Wild 2 being a shorter game, it could be possible for the developers to put more time in focusing on the dungeons more in the game.

Final Boss Fight should be harder

Link Vs Calamity Ganon


Breath of the Wild is masterpiece of a game, but man the final boss was just….well not good. It was just way to easy and there was not really a challenge to it at all. In fact, you could possibly just beat the game in about an hour or two and be done with it. This fight has two phases, one where you’re in Hyrule’s Castle battling Calamity Ganon and the second phase is where you battle him outside of the castle. Now the first phase of the fight is not too bad, just your everyday standard fight, but it the second phrase that is the problem. Link is just given the light arrows and shots at the directed target. That’s pretty much it, there’s really no challenge in it and it basically hand holding Link to the end of the fight. With Breath of the Wild 2, I’m expecting a much harder fight that makes use of the weapons that Link obtains throughout his journey. Maybe add in an unexpected third phase of the fight to give the players even more of a challenge.


Add More Music

Now don’t give me wrong they’re a lot of great tracks in this game, but I feel like there isn’t enough of it. Now I know it call Breath of the WILD so in the wild you’re not going hear music or anything, but I mean sometimes it gets kind of boring to not hear anything until you get to the cities. When the music is there, it’s great and really capture the feel of the series, but it’s kind of strange not to include music in the Legend of Zelda gameplay as it makes it feel empty. Hopefully with Breath of the Wild 2 they have the music more present in the game and maybe use it in the gameplay like with the previous Zelda titles. The Legend of Zelda has some greatest music in video game history so hopefully Breath of the Wild 2 will surprises us with an incredible soundtrack that will blow our minds. Also, you can listen to the soundtrack of Breath of the Wild down below if you are interested.

Fix Hyilan Shield from breaking

Now for my final thing that I could expect for Breath of the Wild 2 is the pretty simple. I personally don’t think having the weapon break is an entirely bad idea, but I just don’t understand how an unstoppable shield could break in the original Breath of the Wild game. It just makes no sense as that shield is said to not be able to break at all and could with stand powerful hits. I don’t know, maybe I’m just nitpicking, but it was very strange for me to notice that in the game. With Breath of the Wild 2 we could see the shield become the ultimate defense weapon against emeries once again lol.

And that’s is what I want to see in Breath of the Wild 2! What do you guys expect to see in Breath of the Wild 2?? Leave your comments down below 😀


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