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Super Castlevania IV is still an SNES Masterpiece

In this article we’re going to go back to the year 1991. Sega was getting ready to battle it out against Nintendo with the Genesis and the NES wasn’t consider retro yet. Super Mario World, Pilotwing and F-Zero are great games, but there was one game that seems to stand out and Super Castlevania IV […]

Interesting PlayStation 5 Games to look forward to!

This year has seen many surprises from both Nintendo and Mircosoft with games coming out later this year. But what about Sony’s Playstation 5? Is there anything exciting for it now or later on? If you’re PlayStation 5 owner or trying to get one then here are some games that might interest you to play […]

Xenoblade Chronicles X is an underrated Masterpiece

Many people seem to talk about Xenoblade Chronicles 1 and 2 a lot. Describing it’s incredible story narrative, great character development and most important of all it’s big immense worlds. However, what about the underrated masterpiece called Xenoblade Choronicles X? Yes, that’s right the game that is a spiritual successor to the original Xenoblade game. […]

Is the Wii U better than the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch has been out for quite sometime now and it has had a good run so far. However, I can’t help feeling how they’re some features on the Switch that seem to be a bit questionable. Now keep in mine I don’t mean any disrespect against the Nintendo Switch as I think it […]

Nintendo Switch Oled Model a must buy or a bust??

So Nintendo dropped some news last week and it’s not what I was expecting. The Nintendo Switch Pro arrived…….Yay? lol. The Nintendo Switch Oled model is the newest iteration of the Switch that brings some little changes to this generation of the Nintendo console. So without further ado let me tell you about the price […]

Level 9 Kazuya CPU breaking people in Smash

Hi guys, just wanted to give my very short thoughts about Kazuya! The new smash character arrived in Smash Ultimate on June 29th and he’s well……something else. The character shows lots of potential by having multiple combos that can be perform.  Many other players have founded a zero to death combo that can be perform […]

Opinion: Nintendo had great games to show at E3 this year

Well guys E3 is officially over this year and yeah in my opinion it wasn’t the best, but Nintendo had some greats games to show this time around and some other announcements as well. So I wanted to share with you some games I’m excited to play from Nintendo and hopefully they won’t be delay […]

Was Take Two Interactive E3 Conference the Worst of All Time??

Okay…..So where do I even begin. This year E3 has been an interesting one due to last year being cancelled because of Covid 19. Many of the conferences that the gaming companies had were much shorter than usual and didn’t really show much games. Well you did had Nintendo and Xbox/Bethesda who did show some […]

Opinion: Xenoblade Chronicles 1 is one the greatest games of all time

IT’S REYN TIME! THIS IS THE MONADO’S POWER!!! This is going be super short article, but recently I have been playing a lot of Xenoblade and I thought why not talk about on here for my personal blog. Just so you know, I love this series and I think the games are fantastic to play. […]

What to expect from the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2

With E3 just around the corner, many people are waiting for the highly anticipated Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2. The teaser was shown in 2019 and little news has come out ever since then. Recently, they announced a rerelease of Skyward Sword on the Switch due to it tenth anniversary, but I […]