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Top Metroid games ranked

Hello, welcome to Watchmojo and here’s the list for the top 10 Metroid games……just kidding. Hello Koizu here, I wanted to do a list of the top Metroid games before Metroid Dread comes out. So I’m going to rank the 3D and 2D Metroid games from worst to best in my personal opinion. Also, don’t forget to buy Metroid Dread if you’re interest get it right here!

Metroid Prime: Federation Force(2016)

What can say about this game. Is it a bad game? I don’t really think it is, but I don’t think this game should have existed. After the series being put on hiatus after 6 years, Metroid fans were awaiting a game that would return Metroid to it former glory. Instead fans got a game focusing on the Galactic Federation going after the Space pirates. The gameplay plays like Metroid Prime Hunters where there’s an heavy emphasis of the shooting mechanic. Also, it has a great emphasis on multiplayer as well. The problem with this game is that it didn’t really have anything in common with the series. The timing was bad too due to the series being put on hiatus. Fans weren’t looking forward to a spinoff series.

Metroid II: Return of Samus(1991)

Even though this game wasn’t really a bad game as it introduced a lot of mechanics that would be incorporated in later games like Varia suit, the space jump, Spazer beam and Spider beam. It also has a great plot with Samus finding a baby Metroid and thinking that she’s it mother, the Metroid imprint Samus. With Samus unable to kill it off, Samus boards the ship with the infant Metroid setting up for the next game. The reason why it’s rank low on the list is because it hasn’t really age well in gameplay. The game is hard to go back to unless you’re a die hard Metroid fan. Also, the remake Metroid Returns makes this game not worth playing.

Metroid Other M(2010)

The game that put the series to sleep for 6 years. Back in 2010, Other M was considered by many the worst Metroid game due to the heavy focus on cutscenes and plot rather than the gameplay itself. Also, the game made Samus’s characterization questionable. However, the game gameplay was interesting as Samus is played in a third person perspective rather than side scrolling or first person(unless you’re firing a missile) . The players can also use time button inputs to do special techniques that can give the player an advantage against certain enemies. Some people loved the game or some hate it. In my personal opinion, it’s not an entirely bad game it just has some story and cutscenes flaws.


The one that started it all. Samus first adventure was truly a classic and was revolutionary for it time on the NES. Introducing the early adaptation of speedrunning. And also showcase the first female protagonist in video games. The soundtrack for the game is also great as well being redone several in other games like Super Smash Bros. However, the game suffers from aging poorly like Metroid II, even though the game is still playable, it’s hard to go back to due to it having a remake called Metroid Zero Mission, which does a great job adding new elements to the story. Still a true masterpiece! Without it, there would be no Metroid series.

Metroid Prime Hunters(2006)

Taken place in the events between Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2, Metroid Prime Hunters introduces mechanics that would be used in Metroid Prime 3. Also, it utilizes the DS features very well by having Wi-fi and voice chat capabilities. Gives introduction to unique weapons and new bounty hunters and gives the ability to travel from Samus’ gunship from one planet to the next, which was in Metroid Prime 3. Although the controls are not the best, it still introduce new concepts that would be use in the Metroid Prime series even if it not a mainline Metroid game.

Metroid Fusion(2002)

Starting right after the events of Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion finds Samus doing mission base progressions. It also allowed Samus to absorb power ups through downloading them in the data room or absorbing a Core X that is used to destroy bosses. Fusion introduce a new mechanic in the series by making Samus climb ladders or grabbing ledges.

Also, if the player has a Gamecube with a link cable, they can connect to the Metroid Prime game to unlock the Fusion suit in that game(you’ll have to complete Metroid Prime). The link cable can give the players the option to play the original Metroid game after completing Fusion and can connect to Zero Mission to see the gallery of Metroid Fusion. The game was criticize for it linear gameplay and short length, but still remains a great game to play on the Gameboy advance.

Metroid Zero Mission(2004)

Zero mission takes the first game and makes it better. With updated visuals and gameplay, Zero mission adds new content to the lore of the original Metroid game. It adds new areas with several new items and mini bosses that were not in the original. The game is a must play if you want to play Samus’ first adventure again in 32 bit action.

Metroid: Samus Returns(2017)

The latest entry before Dread comes out, Samus Returns is a remake of the Gameboy game Metroid II. The game introduced many elements in the Metroid universe that will be use in the Metroid Dread game. The new elements include the ability to melee counterattack enemies and to aim freely at any angle rather than just one. With new controls, visuals and gameplay, Samus Returns plays like an entirely different game compare to the original making it fit the modern age of gaming. It also has an extra hard mode for players who seek a challenge.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption(2007)

The latest in the Prime series before Prime 4 comes out. Prime 3 take place six months after the events of Prime 2. Samus confronts the Space Pirates for attacking the Galactic Federation naval base. However, fighting off the Space Pirates, Samus and other bounty hunters are affect with Phazon by her doppelganger Dark Samus. The player this time controls Samus with a Wii remote and Nunchuk, which can be use for jumping, firing missiles and more. Prime 3 also introduces a new mechanic called Hybermode, which makes Samus do more powerful attacks. The controls for the game were greatly received allowing the Prime Trilogy to use the Wii controls as well. Although the game can be a bit linear it’s still a solid entry in the Prime series.

Metroid Prime(2002)

The first 3D Metroid game was a truly revolutionary time for the series. Many thought it was going to be bad, but that was proven to be false when the game drop in 2002. The game takes place in between the timeline of Metroid and Metroid II where Samus goes through and battle the Space Pirates and their experiments on Tallon IV. It’s often sited as one of the greatest game of all time and even though that is very subjective, it has every right to earn that title.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes(2004)

A very controversial pick, but I feel like Metroid Prime 2 is very underrated. Metroid Prime 2 take what great about the first Prime game and makes it bigger in scale. Going through the Light world and Dark world was an interesting mechanic that was new to the series. Also, the game has some of the best weapons and suit upgrades in the series. The Dark suit and Light suit and the weapons like the Light beam and Darkburst are interesting designs and mechanics. The game does have it flaw, but it definitely does not deserve the hate it gets sometimes.

Super Metroid(1994)

What can I say about this game that hasn’t already been said before. The game has great replayability and is perfect to speedrun through. The game focuses directly through exploration making the players have a feel of the areas they’re going to. Has new concepts that would later be seen in other Metroid games like the inventory screen and firing in all directions. The game was critical acclaim and is consider by many as one of the greatest games of all time. It established the Metroidvania genre in games inspiring many indie developers to get inspired by it style and art. And it definitely deserves the number one spot on this list.

And that’s my top ranked Metroid games list! Which one is your favorite?

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