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Level 9 Kazuya CPU breaking people in Smash

Hi guys, just wanted to give my very short thoughts about Kazuya!

The new smash character arrived in Smash Ultimate on June 29th and he’s well……something else. The character shows lots of potential by having multiple combos that can be perform.  Many other players have founded a zero to death combo that can be perform with Kazuya already, which can prove be a major threat. You can see how the zero to death combo by watching this video if you’re interested.

What amazes me the most about Kazuya is not actually the people playing him, but the CPU itself. When I mean CPU, I mean the level 9 CPU who has prove to be a problem amongst other Smash players. The way he fights is incredible as it makes you want to practice with the CPU itself to see what you’re doing wrong lol. But what impress me is the combo string it will do. Sometimes it will grab you to do Electric Wind God Fist sending you up making it do a footstool quickly after. Then after that, it will proceed to do Electric Wind God Fist again in to a smash attack that will send the player off. I have also notice that level 9 Kazuya likes to mix up his recovery options by sometimes going above the player so it won’t get meteor smash.

It also has impressive parrying skills as well with it having a 70% chance of parrying your smash attacks and B special though this can be said about other CPUs as well. And it also has a zero to death combo potential as well with it sometimes killing you unexpected during a match. I think what it did to me is that it used neutral air, (which can meteor smash) into down smash killing me altogether. Bottom line is that the CPU is impressive  and many people have struggle to go against it, not even going online is cool anymore (not that it ever was) as you can just play with your buddy level 9 Kazuya to help you practice on how to play the game.

See videos right here of people and high level players getting destroyed by this level 9 beast. (Videos are by Panda, Gaming Duck, PKG and RoninX1819)

I wonder if the next new smash CPU character will be even more harder if so I better practice and hone my skills more. Also, join Level 9 Kazuya twitter where he talks about practicing and joining tournaments here!! He’s even making a tier list 🙂


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