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Nintendo Switch Oled Model a must buy or a bust??

So Nintendo dropped some news last week and it’s not what I was expecting. The Nintendo Switch Pro arrived…….Yay? lol. The Nintendo Switch Oled model is the newest iteration of the Switch that brings some little changes to this generation of the Nintendo console. So without further ado let me tell you about the price and upgrades to see if it’s worth getting or not.

Release date and Price

The Nintendo Switch Oled is being released on October 8 of this year alongside Metriod Dread. The price is going to be $349 in store, which is $50 more than the base Switch and $150 more than the Switch Lite. Looking at the games that are coming out during it arrival it would seem that they’re some that could make it have the potential to sell.


Base model Switch costing $299

Games like Metroid Dread and Sonic Colors Ultimate will definitely drive the fall sales however, I’m not to sure about Guardians of the Galaxy, Super Monkeys Ball Banana Mania and other during fall. Definitely by holidays games like Mario Party Superstars, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes and Advance Wars 1+2 will drive sells during the holidays, but it still doesn’t give a good reason to get the Switch Oled model in my opinion.

Oled model Switch starting at $349 this fall


The Original Switch Stand was not very appeasing to fans

The upgrades for Oled seems pretty underwhelming, but they’re some notable ones that might drive some people into getting one. The most notable is the fact that it emits Oled light, which is organic base light that emits light through electric currents. It also has a bigger screen being 7 inches rather than 6.2 inches like the base Switch. When playing it on handheld mode it will display the picture in 720p setting, but when playing on TV it’s 1080p resolution. It will have a better stand compared to the original Switch, enchanting sound capabilities making the sound much better than the base Switch and it will also store more system storage memory as it can now hold 64gb instead of 32gb.

Oled model will have better stand

It will have a wired LAN port, which in used will provide better internet connectivity, maybe this will help smash player not lag online. Anyways besides those upgrades, there’s not any difference between the base switch and this model as both run on the same power and even have the same battery life as well. The infamous Jon-cons drift hasn’t been said to be fixed either, which is quite worrisome.

Oled Model will have a LAN port allowing for better Internet connection

So is the Nintendo Oled a Buy or a Bust?

Although it does have some interesting upgrades in hardware, I think this model seems unnecessary and doesn’t really do a good job to differentiate itself from the original Switch. If you don’t have a Switch and are constantly on the go not having time to play it on the TV then I say that it’s worth having. But if you already have a Switch then it’s pointless. As many features are similar with slight improvement. And if you’re on the poor side, then it still better to get the base Switch as you will be saving $50 not much, but still something. I think this model needs major revisions for it to be convincing to people so far in my opinion it just not.

So basically I would have to say the Switch Oled is a bust if you already own a Switch, but not a bad option for people who are willing to pay $349 and go out alot. Or if you’re tempted on the slight upgrades maybe it’s a buy as well.

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