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Is the Wii U better than the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch has been out for quite sometime now and it has had a good run so far. However, I can’t help feeling how they’re some features on the Switch that seem to be a bit questionable. Now keep in mine I don’t mean any disrespect against the Nintendo Switch as I think it is one of the greatest consoles Nintendo ever produce, but I feel like the Wii U has some features that are a bit better. Now let me explain down below.

Main Menu

The main menu on the Switch has much to be desired. It just really plain and has no real theme to make it stand out. The best you can do is to change the theme from white to black or black to white, which is not great compare to its predecessor. The reason why I think the Wii U does better for the main menu because it shows interaction amongst different players around the world. When it boots up, you can see a group of people playing games like Xenoblade Chronicles X, Smash Bros Wii U, Super Mario 3D World or even Mario Kart 8.

It builds a community and brings people together as with the Switch it does not. It’s as if the main menu screen for the Switch was rush together and incomplete. Hopefully Nintendo will change this feature on the Switch and give people the choice to select cool themes at least, but considering it been 5 years since the Switch been out, it seems unlikely.


Nintendo Switch Main Menu
Wii U Main Menu


The thing about the Switch is that it has no music when booted up. This makes the console feel very soulless and boring. Even when you go on the Eshop on the Switch there’s is no music as well and it is not cool to browse around. The Wii U has music in every setting it in and is fun to sometimes listen to even though the downloading music can get super annoying if you’re waiting many hours for your game to download. The Wii U eshop music is pretty cool too and fun to listen to.

And with the selection of N64 games and Gameboy games it still worth going back to. If you’re interested, someone made a playlist of the Wii U eshop music that you can listen to right here if you want lol

Launch Titles

Now we can all agree that both the Wii U and the Switch has great games especially their first party titles. However, when it comes to the launch titles from when both the consoles came out, it would seem like the Wii U had a better launch(not by much though as it still had a weak launch compare to the consoles before it). When the Switch launch, it didn’t have much of any games to showcase it power except for The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. However, Breath of the Wild was slated to be on the Wii U as an exclusive, which makes the Switch have no games barely at all. At launch, the Wii U had Assassin’s Creed 3, Nintendo Land, ZombiU, Darksiders 2 and much more.

Also, some games were also ported to the Switch as well making the Wii U have many original games for it as well compare to the Switch.

Though the Wii U a console that for many is dead and was poorly marketed, it was still an interesting console for it time and it gave us great games, interesting concept designs for the tablet and the Nintendo Switch itself. So what do you guys think? Do you like the Wii U better or the Switch? Seems hard to choose.

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