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Xenoblade Chronicles X is an underrated Masterpiece

Many people seem to talk about Xenoblade Chronicles 1 and 2 a lot. Describing it’s incredible story narrative, great character development and most important of all it’s big immense worlds. However, what about the underrated masterpiece called Xenoblade Choronicles X? Yes, that’s right the game that is a spiritual successor to the original Xenoblade game. Xenoblade X always seems to be the black sleep of the series and it easy to see why since it doesn’t have much connection to the others and has a different tone in setting, but they’re many interesting things done right in this game that I felt needed to be address. Also, I wanted to show appreciation to Xenoblade X since it doesn’t get talk about as much compare to the other games in the series.

Vast Immense Exploration

The first thing I notice while playing Xenoblade X is how amazing the exploration felt in the game. There something special about exploring different parts of Mira. Whether your on a skell or just running around Primordia in general, there this sense of freedom that you get running around the planet. Like other Xenoblade games they’re monsters that are a higher level than you and others that are your level. It definitely best to avoid those monsters that are a high level at all cost considering the fact that they’ll kill you in one hit. Monsters called Tyrants are special monsters that give the player special awards if defeated. This where the side quest missions come in play as it give special awards as well.

The amazing view of Primordia
Viewing Noctilum

The Grinding Side Missions

The side missions in Xenoblade X I feel does a better jobs than Xenoblade 1 in many regards. Like the Affinity missions of having special cutscenes and giving some characters some of the spotlights. However, they’re some flaws with finding certain items in the game and the biggest issue is the part where the player gets lock into an Affinity mission if they choose to accept. This can be an easy fix if they ever due port the game to the Switch in the near future. Also, I feel some of the missions in Xenoblade X feel more exciting than 1 and 2 like Skell License Exam (where you actually get your very own Skell), which for those games can feel at times like a drag to do(even though I did like the Special blade missions in Xenoblade 2).

One last thing is that the Normal missions in the game can also give you special ground set item or money, which can be a huge benefit in the long run.

Gameplay Mechanics

For me gameplay is the utmost importance. If the game is boring then there’s no sense in playing it otherwise it will feel like a chore. The gameplay in X feel like a mix between Xenoblade 1 and 2. The difference is that you can’t see the future in this one and there’s no elemental burst effect. At first, in my opinion the gameplay feels barebone in the beginning because you didn’t have the ability to get a Skell or perform the move Overdrive. Once you get those though it becomes more enjoyable because now it showcase the game true gameplay. Also, like Xenoblade 1, you can upgrade your Arts commands to do more damage. In this game you have an ability to also choose different classes that best fit the player like if you want to be a Striker, Commando or Enforcer Each class has a different weapons set that the player can utilize. Like for example Striker deal with offensive and defense arts while Enforcer deals more for support and range attacks.  You can change your skills set on yourself and different characters in your party as well boasting stats.

More information on how to use Overdrive can be found right here as well!

Using Overdrive on a monster 

Amazing Music

Now the music in this game is very different from other Xenoblade games. The music consisting of battle and others themes have more of a rap and pop vibe that is sung in different languages like German and Japanese. However, when your exploring worlds the music is more similar to what you would hear in other Xenoblade games. Listen to the music here either you will love it or hate it depending on you.


Even though this is just basic information about the game, I strongly advise that if you have a Wii U go an play it immediately. You won’t regret it and you will have a fun experience. Now only if they port it to the Nintendo Switch or make Xenoblade X2.

Also, read my thoughts about the non underrated game Xenoblade Chronicles 1 here!


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