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My thoughts on Paper Mario: The Origami King

So lately my sister told me to play Paper Mario the Origami King on the Nintendo Switch. At first, I was a bit skeptical about playing it since I heard that Paper Mario hasn’t been good for awhile. Also, the last Paper Mario game that I played was Super Paper Mario on the Wii so I was really out of the loop. Playing the game now I can see why some people like it and some don’t. So here is some pros and cons on my thoughts about Paper Mario the Origami King.


Interesting Story

The story is actually not that bad for a Paper Mario game in my opinion. It has decent pacing and is very enjoyable. The game starts off with Mario and Luigi going to the Origami Festival. However, things don’t appear normal as many of the toads and other characters are not present there. Mario and Luigi decides to go to Peach’s castle to investigate only to discover that many of the town’s character have been transformed in Origami. Turn out, a Origami name Olly is the mastermind behind this and with Peach and the others turn into Origami, Olly decides to move the castle and cover it up with Streamers. Mario rescues an Origami name Oliva who is the sister of Olly and together they must go on an adventure to get rid of the streamers and put a stop to Olly plans.

Not a bad story for a Paper Mario, but still fall short to Super Paper Mario and Thousand year door’s story in my opinion.

Witty Dialogue

The dialogue in this game is very creative and funny. Sometime I would be straight out laughing at how witty it can be sometimes. The best part is where Paper Mario arrives at the Shogun Studios to battle the Rubber band. Before the player battles the Rubber band though the player is subjected to scenes where it’s set like a play. The part where Birdo kisses Mario and Mario almost dies is funny lol. But anyways scenes like that make the games very fun to play and gives the players a lot of laughs. I know I laugh a couple of time in certain chapters of the game.


There’s no surprise that the music is amazing in this game. From the variation of Toad Town all the way to the Origami castle theme there’s ton of good music to be unravel. There’s not much to say, check out the soundtrack right here if you’re interested!

Boss Battle

This is a controversial pro, but I do believe that the boss battles in this game are very unique. The Boss battles play quite similar to regular battles, but instead of lining up foes the player will have to guide Mario to the boss. Each boss has a weak spot that Mario must exploit in order to win the battle whether it using 1,000 year fold or the Vellumental powers to win. Some bosses are tough and do tons of damage if the player makes a mistake. However, what I like about it is that it makes the players think and if done right the player is awarded for it by doing tons of damage to the boss.


The worlds in this game are incredible and for me that’s the biggest highlight. All the worlds are very unique and have their own charm to them that makes them stand out. One example is Autumn Mountain where it still feels linear, the world itself is very beautiful and has the player do a lot of tasks plot wises. Entering the temple on some world felt cool too adding to its own uniqueness. It reminded me of the worlds from the original Paper Mario game on the N64 where all of them felt unique in a sense.

Autumn mountain
Picnic Road


Regular Battle

The battles in this game has an interesting concept on paper, but when play on the game, it’s not all that engaging. The player has to line up all the foes in a certain way. If line up correctly, the player will get a boost in attack making it easier to knock them out. The player will also have a time limit to line up the foes forcing the player to think quickly(although you can buy time if you have enough coins). If you don’t line them up on time, you’ll not get a boost on your attacks and it give the potential for the foes to attack. It doesn’t sound like a really bad battle system, but it doesn’t sound great either as it can get very repetitive. Also, at times it may feel a bit force ruining the experience of the game.

No Real Awards

The game doesn’t really offer any real awards when completing a battle or solving a puzzle. The only awards you mostly get throughout the game is coins. Getting coins is cool sometimes, but getting a lot is a bit too excessive. The player can easily get a lot coins at the beginning of the game and not get anything else in return. They’re other items that you get along the way like trophies, but they pose really no benefiting in improve the gameplay and are just collectables. The only real award you get is the max heart plus, which raises Mario’s health, but that not saying much.

Your only award for most of the game

No Post Game Content

The game doesn’t really have post game content after the player beats the game. The only thing the player can do is collect all the collectable or go back to the town to find hidden messages that Mario pass earlier in the game. Kind of a bummer, but it’s to be expected. However, it’ll be cool if Nintendo announced more DLC content for the game if possible.




That being said the game offer a set of charm and wit that is very similar to the older Paper Mario games, but it just misses the mark because of it gameplay. For me it has more Pros than Cons going for it and if you’re curious about playing it then give it a chance.

You can purchase it right here on Amazon!

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