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Top upcoming Xbox One and Series X games

We talked about PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch now the only console left to talk about is the Xbox One and Series X. There’s seems to be a lot of games getting ready to come out for that console and the fact that the gamer pass has a lot of games as well makes it worth having.

So here’s the Xbox One and Series X exclusives for this year and next year.

Forza Horizon 5(2021)

PlayStation has Gran Turismo, Nintendo has Mario Kart and Xbox has Forza Horizon. Forza Horizon 5 takes place in a fictional version of Mexico where players can move around freely through the open world map that the game offers.

It has the largest map in the series with it being twice as large as Forza Horizon 4 and giving players the feel of how Mexico’s environment is like by going through an active volcano, jungles, beaches, ancient Mayan temples, and cities. The game is to be release on November 9 of this year. You can pre-order here on amazon if you’re interested.


Starfield is a new IP from Bethesda that has a space theme world. It’s set 300 years in the future where you play as a custom character who is a member of the constellation, which is an organization of space explorers. Even though little information is available right now for Starfield, the director of the series Todd Howard describe it as more similar to Skyrim with a space theme The game is plan to be release on on November 11, 2022.

Fable 4(TBA)

There’s little information about Fable 4, but it will be develop by the same company who is creating Forza Horizon 5. Development of the game is in it early stages so the game most likely will come out in either 2023 or later. In the mean time, here’s a year old cinematic trailer to keep you company.

Halo Infinite(2021)

You can’t have an Xbox console without Halo and the Xbox One and Series X continue that tradition. Halo Infinite will continue the Reclaimer Saga and will be much more human like than the previous Halo games. The story will focus more on the Halo ring, which is said to be Installation 07 known to be called Zeta Halo. The enemies are the Banished, a mercenary organization lead by the Brute Atriox. The game was to be a launch title for the Xbox Series X, but due to the COVID 19 pandemic it was push back a year later. It is now schedule to be release on December 8, 2021 just in time for the holidays.


CrossfireX will be the console version of the original Crossfire game in 2007. The free to play portion of the game is describes as seeing two opposing teams representing hostile military factions. The game will have a Classic mode, Spectre mode, Modern mode and Single player mode. The Single player mode will consist of several operations that must be complete due the story exploring global conflict between Black list and Global Risk(private military faction). The game doesn’t have a official release date, but it is schedule to be release this year.


Develop by Arkane Studios, Redfall is a game taken place in Redfall, Massachusetts. A fail science experiment cause legion of vampires to invade and isolated the town from the outside world. The players four unique survivors trap in the town to combat not just vampires, but also humans as well. It will be an open world first person shooter that will feature single and multiplayer modes. There will also be four playable characters that each have their own set of abilities against vampires and humans. The game is to be release in the Summer of 2022.

Senua’s Saga: Hellbade 2(TBA)

Not much information is available for this title however, the player will once again play the character Senua on a journey through the dark fantasy world base on myths and legends of Norse mythology. The game has no release date yet.

Upcoming Gamer Pass(Non-exclusive)

If you have the Xbox gamer pass then you can play a lot of games right now from Final Fantasy XIII to Hades. Here’s upcoming games coming this month and October for game pass. These will not just be exclusive to the Xbox.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page(2021)

Taken place in a personal diary belonging to a young girl name Izzy. The player will explore the fantasy land Estoria created by Izzy a place with immense power. Will be available on September 23.

Astria Ascending(2021)

Taken in a vast world fill with immense chaos this JRPG is hand drawn in 4k resolution. The player will have the abilities to customize their own character and lead 8 demigods of Orcanon to battle and get rewards in Harmony. Will be release on September 30th.

Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition(2021)

An alien race is causing havoc to mankind on Earth called the Pandoravirus. It’s up the Phoenix Point to put an end to this and take back humanity. The game will be a turn base game that will have many optimizations and changes for the Xbox One and Series X. Even though the game was release on MacOS and PC in 2019, it will be release for the Xbox One and Series X on October 1st of this year with several changes.

Back 4 Blood(2021)

The upcoming multiplayer first person shooter is a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead. The gameplay is very similar to Left 4 Dead where both are 4 player cooperative games. However, with Back 4 Blood you will be using cards that will require the player to build their deck with different elements. Some cards will adjust the player’s health, deal damage or improve stamina. They’ll also be corruption cards that will hinder the player’s progress as it can spawn fog effect and increase the size of horde enemies. The will be release on October 12th.

With these list of games the Xbox One and Series X will have a healthy lifespan in the future. Hopefully it can maintain the amount of games for it as well. If you’re interested to get the Xbox game pass then go to the website right here

If you get the ultimate monthly pass it’s $14.99 a month and PC and console is $9.99 a month.

Also, see the exciting upcoming PlayStation 5 games right here if you’re interested

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